Maserati Certified Pre-Owned Program Benefits

The moment you lay eyes on a Maserati model, its Italian essence will inspire you, and the Maserati Certified Pre-Owned Program at Jim Ellis Maserati will make a used option more enticing. It will have the same dramatic exterior with a desirable elegance at the price of a used model but with new-car perks.

You might be considering splurging on a new model, such as the new Maserati Levante, but this program will alter your way of thinking. Your life will become better when you drive a Maserati, so keep reading to see why you should love those in the Maserati Certified Program.

Requirements for Certification

A model that is a part of the Maserati Certified Pre-Owned Program has to meet higher standards than that of your typical used car, even though a Maserati model is anything but. The only model years that qualify are as old as 2017, although they usually have to be within the New Vehicle Warranty period of four years.

They must also have acquired less than 50,000 vehicle miles to qualify, which can be difficult to find as so many drivers love to flaunt the speed of their gorgeous ride.

A potential used Maserati model must also pass a 120-point inspection by Maserati factory-trained technicians. Each model is also hand-picked for the program to ensure they meet this brand's desirability and exquisiteness standards. They use only the finest models, and they consider their service history before granting them this title.

Luxury Perks

While you gain the benefits of a used-car price with new car functionality, you are also privy to some other expensive perks that will increase your happiness with your certified pre-owned Maserati inventory purchase. When dealing with a century-old brand, you can expect them to understand how to treat their customers like the exceptional people they are — and that includes adding on additional perks along with your Maserati-approved ownership.

Here are some of the benefits you receive when you decide to buy or lease a model in the Maserati Certified Pre-Owned Program:

  • Two-Year Limited Factory Certified Pre-Owned Maserati Warranty Coverage
  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance
  • No Mileage Caps on Warranties
  • Reconditioning of the Vehicle

It shows how much Maserati trusts their brand and desires to please their customers as they provide them with a high-end vehicle and perks to sweeten the deal.

Our Available Certified Pre-Owned Models

We have quite a selection of models in the Maserati Certified Pre-Owned Program, and you won't even be able to tell they are used models when driving onto our lot.

The models we often carry include:

  • Maserati Ghibli
  • Maserati Levante
  • Maserati Quattroporte
  • Maserati GranTurismo

On top of the Maserati-approved program, we also have a unique Certified Pre-Owned program at Jim Ellis Maserati. Jim Ellis Certified is a bit less thorough — although still sufficiently thorough — with a 70-point inspection, cosmetic reconditioning, and a 30-day/1,000-mile powertrain promise.

Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Maserati at Jim Ellis Maserati

Has the audacity of a Maserati model lit a fire in your soul in Atlanta, GA? Now is the time to head over to Jim Ellis Maserati and browse our current stock of Maserati-approved certified pre-owned models.

Your passion for beautiful cars is evident by your taste, and our other used cars for sale could be what you were looking for. Don't wait; head over to Jim Ellis Maserati to find a model that is part of the Maserati Certified Pre-Owned Program, which you can drive off the lot today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still full of questions about the Maserati Certified Pre-Owned Program, and would you like answers? Luckily, our staff has them here at Jim Ellis Maserati, but keep reading to learn some of them before you walk through our doors.

Is Maserati CPO transferable?

If you decide that you want to sell your life-changing Maserati model before the warranty period is up, then you should be aware that you can transfer it to the buyer. This perk means the remaining benefits you have from the Maserati Certified Pre-Owned Program will carry over to the new owner.

It can be a selling point for your car, but again, make sure your warranty is still active before advertising this feature.

What does the Maserati certified pre-owned warranty cover?

The warranty that comes with your model from the Maserati Certified Pre-Owned Program is limited to specific components of the vehicle, although it does cover all your major bases.

Here are the following parts of your Maserati model that the warranty covers should the unthinkable happen:

  • Suspension
  • Engine
  • Electrical Components
  • Cooling System
  • Transmission
  • Climate Control System
  • Steering
  • Differential
  • Fuel System
  • Driveshaft
  • Brake System

How does a vehicle qualify to be Maserati Approved certified pre-owned?

A vehicle qualifies for the Maserati Certified Pre-Owned Program by meeting certain criteria, for example, age, mileage, service history, and condition. These factors combine to give you a distinctive car that Jim Ellis Maserati is proud to sell to their customers.

Currently, the model must be no older than 2017, pass a 120-point inspection by a Maserati certified technician, be under 50,000 vehicle miles, and have undergone routine service throughout its lifetime.

Jim Ellis Maserati - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)