Compare The Maserati Levante & Porsche Cayenne

If you want to drive an SUV that can go fast at the drop of a hat, compare the super-swift Maserati Levante vs. Porsche Cayenne models and see which one has your preferred setup. We've compiled everything you need to know about this dynamic duo of otherworldly options all in one place for an apt Maserati Levante vs. Porsche Cayenne comparison.

Compare the Maserati Levante to Porsche Cayenne Today

There's a reason these two speedsters are matched up against each other in the championship round when it comes to Levante vs. Porsche Cayenne. While other SUVs struggle to translate the bold and attention-grabbing gravity from their coupe models into a larger SUV silhouette, these two bursting big fellas are always ready to roll. No longer is that signature Porsche and Maserati speed reserved for low-to-the-ground sports car models that could show up at the racetrack on Saturday and hold their own.

The Maserati Levante vs. Porsche Cayenne SUV models take that signature speed and amplify it through a cabin that can fit your whole crew. Speed is something you expect from cars made by these legendary manufacturers, but size comes to the party too when you choose between these striking SUV models. Step up to the plate at our new Maserati inventory today and see for yourself why the Maserati Levante is a car that goes above and beyond whenever you take hold of the steering wheel.

Local drivers really appreciate how the Maserati Levante vs. Cayenne models don't sacrifice their signature speed, style, and core elements that you know and love from other models in their lineups. Not everyone's life is meant to speed around town in a small sports car that harkens back to the classic hard-chargers of yesteryear. When you step inside a car like the Maserati Levante, you'll realize that this car was created to exude excellence every day for drivers that need more.

Vehicle Details2021 Maserati Levante Base2021 Porsche Cayenne Turbo Coupe AWD
Starting MSRP$80,490$67,500
Estimated Lease Price$1,011 per month$1,032 per month
Engine Specs
Engine Specs3.0-liter, V-6 Cylinder3.0-liter, V-6 Cylinder
Torque369 lb-ft332 lb-ft
TransmissionAutomatic w/ODAutomatic w/OD
Curb Weight4,994 lbs4,582 lbs
Est. MPG Overview
City MPG1619
Highway MPG2223
Combined MPG1820
Fuel Tank Capacity21.1 gal23.7 gal
Cargo Space
Trunk Space20 cubic ft26 cubic ft
Safety Features
Back Up CameraStandardStandard
Forward Collision WarningOptionalStandard
Front and Rear Parking SensorsStandardStandard
Lane Keeping AssistOptionalOptional
Basic4 year/50,000 miles4 year/50,000 miles
Powertrain4 year/50,000 miles4 year/50,000 miles
Consumer Rating

Maserati Levante vs. Cayenne Differences

A huge differentiator between the Maserati Levante vs. Cayenne models is the engine within. The Maserati's V-8 engine will let you know loudly that it relies on the creative genius of two of the great automotive and racing companies of all time. Grip the wheel tightly and feel the vibrations of a lion's roar emanating from your car's belly when the pedal is pressed. It's a rush; no doubt about it.

The Porsche Cayenne relies on a V-6 engine that has plenty of zip itself. A turbocharged setup can certainly get out and go, but if speed is really what you're in search of, this model will end up in second place every time. Enjoy a cabin that's also very comfortable and made to make long drives fly by with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions About Levante vs. Cayenne

Speedsters in an ardent search for their next SUV model often find themselves undergoing a detailed comparison between the Maserati Levante vs. Porsche Cayenne as they race towards a new car conclusion. Here are some questions our showroom staff members hear all the time while introducing our neighbors to some of the fastest cars around.

Does the Maserati Levante have a Ferrari engine?

It is possible to get an SUV model with a boost under the hood from one of the most legendary racing teams ever to touch the track. Sign up for the top-tier trim of the Maserati Levante Trofeo and grant yourself access to a Ferrari-built V-8 engine that sounds exactly as it should. Drive an SUV guided by a joint effort from the engineers and technicians from both Maserati and Ferrari. Tough to beat - we know.

Is the Maserati Levante worth it?

This is a luxury SUV through and through. You'll be able to lean back into seats meticulously crafted for maximum comfort through premium materials and spacious dimensions. The easy-to-use infotainment screen runs the show up front and provides easy access to playlists, podcasts, directions, and more. It's all just a couple of swipes away. If you want an SUV that feels like a first-class flight every time you exit the driveway and a race car once you get up to speed, this is the clear selection. Multiple trim levels allow you to take your pick of the litter. They're all champions waiting to have the chains taken off.

How much does it cost to maintain a Maserati Levante?

Visit our dealership today and see how our service and parts departments rise to the occasion whenever you call their number. Owning a beautiful new Maserati Levante is a thrill, and our team will be there to support you every step of the way. Make sure you're sticking to your regularly scheduled service appointments, and our team of knowledgeable and certified Maserati technicians will step up to the challenge, keeping your Maserati well-maintained as you test the limits of on-road adventure.

Levante vs. Cayenne & Other Models

We're happy that you've joined us for this Maserati Levante vs. Porsche Cayenne comparison, and we hope that you're able to identify the move you want to make next. These two models point to a shift in the SUV marketplace toward models that can accelerate at the rate of a speed-geared sedan while maintaining valuable room for more groceries, golf clubs, luggage, plants, and passengers. Whatever you can fit, pile it in and press the pedal.

One such sedan model that has plenty of pace within is the new Maserati Quattroporte. It will raise the hairs on your neck when you hear that signature Maserati engine spring into action.

If you're interested in talking to an expert about Maserati Levante vs. Porsche Cayenne details, reach out to our dealership today. Our vehicle experts don't just know our lineup; they're familiar with the whole marketplace and how competitors compare.

The new Maserati Ghibli for sale is another aerodynamic automobile that has a need for speed. See this sedan and all of our mesmerizing Maserati models today. We can't wait to welcome you into a whole new world of power and precision.

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