Maserati Ghibli: Around the World, A Sacred Space

November 21st, 2016 by

When you get behind the wheel of a new Maserati Ghibli, you’re not just behind the wheel of a whole new mode of transportation. You’ve also found your sanctuary. That’s because the latest Ghibli build < isn't just a tool for travel, but for quiet contemplation. The car's seating is designed in a wraparound form that underlines the car's sporty look while still delivering the highest levels of comfort. The soft leather used for the upholstery has a natural texturing that makes it particularly pleasant — even to the touch. Best of all, Ghibi's state-of-the-art center console makes it possible to make a phone call or access music, messages, reminders, emails, websites - and much more - in eight different languages. That's why critics and drivers alike consider it a world beater. Visit Jim Ellis Maserati to explore our vast inventory of new and pre-owned Maserati models today.

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